We have over 20 years of experience; a great deal of Sharon’s experience was gained whilst in London, England as an employee in a care provision; Sharon was responsible for the planning of a culturally diverse weekly menu.  Sharon’s experience was furthered when she began catering for large functions such as weddings, christenings and birthday parties. 

Marcel's involvement in the food industry focuses heavily on customer service, safe food handling, food preparation, and maintaining health and safety in accordance with food regulations. 

Since being in the USA both Sharon and Marcel have made great contacts in the food industry, visual and musical arts and, cosmetology.  

Back2Back Catering brings our friends and contacts under one roof; we know that combining our experiences and talents with your dreams will produce a great experience for your event.

One stop - Event services

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Back2back catering

Back2Back Catering is a one stop shop for events; we are unique for a number of reasons however; the main reason is because we are not only a food service.  We use the word “Catering” in our name because we pride ourselves in “catering” to all your needs when it comes to that special event. 

You tell us where, and what you want then you sit back and relax!